Attack analysis and Security concepts for MObile Network infrastructures,
supported by collaborative Information exchAnge

Structure of the ASMONIA project

The ASMONIA project is subdivided into seven work packages (WP). These work packages are

  • WP1: Comprehensive and Collaborative Security Concepts
  • WP2: Integrity Protection for Nodes and Devices in 4G Networks
  • WP3: Incorporation of Cloud Systems into the Security Concept
  • WP4: Methodologies for Detection and Presentation of Security Risks
  • WP5: The Mobile Networks Application Domain
  • WP6: Dissemination and Exploitation of Results
  • WP7: Project management

The following figure depicts how the technical work packages (WP1 - WP5) work together to reach the goals of ASMNOIA:

ASMONIA project relation

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